Suttons Bay Cider Tasting Room Cider Draft



Our cider varieties are always evolving. Check back often for the latest on tap.


Jonathan, Rhode Island Greening - (5.2% ABV)

AKA Jon Green, the apples in this 50/50 blend are sweet and aromatic with a hint of bitterness. Flavors are crisp, clean and off-dry, delicately carbonated to make it bright and bubbly. 



 Bartlett Pears - (6% ABV)

Pears make a most delicate taste with an equally delicate aroma.  With hints of lemon, it is naturally carbonated in the tank.  Perry is highly valued for its enchanting flavor profile here and abroad.  The connoisseur of Cider and Perry will enjoy this off dry, new house specialty.



Northern Spy, Ida Red, infused with Ginger Root. - (5.5% ABV)

Here we have an off-dry cider made with the classic cider apple, Northern Spy, with characteristics of lemon and a hint of ginger to counterbalance the sweetness of the apple.



McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, Northern Spy, Jonathan, infused with Lavender. - (6.5% ABV)

If you're looking for something special, this cider is infused with culinary lavender producing a complex herbal aroma. Combine that with a rich blend of four different apple varieties and the final product results in a full-bodied off-dry cider.



Wild Apples, McIntosh, & Northern Spy with Balaton & Montmorency Cherries. - (5.7% ABV)

AKA, Don Cherry.  This cider is a robust blend of handpicked wild apples and a hint of cherry, that delivers a balanced sweet-tart flavor.  Definitely our most popular cider.



Northern Spy and wild apples - (5.0% ABV)

Our bourbon aged cider is back sweetened with a medley of foraged wild apples from our property.  A touch of Kentucky north of the 45th, it’s smooth, sweet and uncarbonated.            



Jonathan & Rhode Island Greening, infused with Mint Leaves. - (4.5% ABV)

Cidermaker, Chris Guest, harvested fresh mint from a lakeside slope. The infusion results in a delicious light cider that is sure to please the palette.  Think of Testamint paired with dark chocolate....Yum.



Northern Spy, Ida Red, Swiss Gourmet, Jonathan, Rhode Island Greening, Yellow Delicious, finished with Winesap & Zestar Apples. - (4.5% ABV)

Sweet, crisp, and appley;   it always tastes like a beautiful fall day in Northern Michigan!